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Signing up with Facebook is the only available option for using Zab Zab. All you need to do is to tap the "Sign Up with Facebook" button and grant the appropriate permissions.


Adyen, a global payment operator (Uber, Spotify, BlaBlaCar), is responsible for all transactions on the platform, assuring superior online payment security standards. To learn more about the security of your transactions, visit the Adyen website.
From the main menu, go to the “Payments” tab where you will find the field, “Bank account no.”. Enter the bank account number where you want the funds to be transferred. You will receive your deposit within 2 working days following the end of your event.


Your profile is only visible for:
  • Hosts of events to which you want to register.
  • Prospective guests at events you host.


On the main view of the map, you can see events hosted near you. Click the “All Events” tab at the bottom of the screen to view the list of events in your town or city. You can sort them by popularity, invitation price, your distance to the location of the event, host rating and start date.
At the bottom of the event tab, you will see “Send an invite request” button. As soon as you have made your payment, the host will receive a notification with your profile. The host will then decide within 30 minutes whether your invitation request is accepted. Following such acceptance, you will receive your invitation with a QR code and the exact address of the party. If the request is rejected, 100% of your payment will be returned to your account immediately.
At the bottom of the event tab, there is a panel in which you can choose the number of people you would like to bring with you. Note, that the card linked to your account will be charged accordingly!
After the end of the event, you will be notified that you can rate the host of the event in which you participated. Ratings will be given as stars, on a scale from 1 to 5, with space for an optional comment.
There is a magnifying glass icon in the right upper corner of the main view of the map. Press the icon and enter the town or city where you would like to view upcoming events.
In the “My invitations” tab of the main menu, you will find your invitations for upcoming and past events. Make sure you show your invitation with the QR code to the host upon arrival!
Notify us via e-mail ( which event did not take place. If the host scanned less than 20% of all invitations, the event is considered invalid and all cash is returned to you and the other guests.


There is a “+” icon at the lower right corner of the map view. Click it to open a panel for adding new events. Before you add your first event, make sure to add your bank account number where cash should be transferred after completion.
In Zab Zab, the host ultimately decides who will come to the event. They will do so based on the ratings and profiles of potential guests who send an invitation request. You have 30 minutes to accept or reject every request. When the host accepts a guest, the guest will receive an invitation with the exact address of the party and the QR code.
For the invite scanner, go to the last item of the main menu.
The host must always try to scan all invitations brought by their guests. If they scan less than 20% of all invitations, the event is considered invalid and all cash will be returned to the guests.
Click the arrow icon in the upper right corner of your event tab or use the “Invite friend” link at the bottom of the screen. Then select the intended recipients of the link to your event.
Enter your event tab and click the red “End event” button at the bottom of the page.
After the end of the event, you will be notified that you can rate the guests who were present. Ratings will be given as stars, on a scale from 1 to 5, with an optional comment.
Private events are only visible for users with whom you share the link to the event (such events will not be displayed on the main map). This is an easy way to quickly and conveniently gather money from your friends to help you host your party.
Yes, the fee is charged at 12.5%. It covers the use of the service and handling online payments. The transfer you receive after hosting an event is the amount after deduction of the fee.