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Partying community

It doesn’t matter if you’re organizing an event for 200 people or you’re inviting friends for a low-key house party – with Zab Zab you will earn money easily and safely, but also, thousands of people will hear about you and your party!

You’re in control

As a Zab Zab host you are in charge of everything – you pick the time and place for your event, you control who gets an invite and how much they need to pay for it. The exact address is given only to guests you decide to accept.

All-in-one party app

Promoting your events, access to a partying community, verifying and chatting with guests, accepting payments and host payouts, rating system for guests and hosts – all this to make your hosting experience as frictionless as possible.


In need for a DJ or a photographer? Or an after-party cleaning service for your event? As a Zab Zab host you will gain access to a network of partners in your city. They will help you take your parties to the next level and offer you the best rates.

How to become a Zab Zab host

  • 1.

    Create your event

    It takes less than a minute – totally free.
    First, start with setting the basic information: name of event, date, number of guests, price of each invite and the exact address (only accepted guests will receive it).

    Finally, add some pictures of the venue and a detailed description of the event. Remember to update your profile page as well. This will make your guests trust you more!

  • 2.

    Accept invites and welcome guests

    Once your event is added, each interested guest will send you a request for an invite. You have 24 hours to either accept or deny those requests.

    When welcoming your guests make sure you scan their invites using the Invite Scanner. This is the only way for us to know they were really there.

  • 3.

    Receive payout and rate guests

    Guests are charged for the invites before their arrival, and you receive your payout automatically just 2 business days after the event is finished. Our commission is 10% (+2.5% of a service fee).

    To help other hosts in selecting their guests, rate every participant of your party. Let them know you loved having them!


Zab Zab is built on trust

Every user has a unique profile connected to a private facebook account with public ratings left by previous hosts. We constantly eliminate problematic guests from our platform.

We support you 24/7

Zab Zab offers you around-the-clock customer service. We will help you get started with your first events in the easiest and fastest way possible. Anything you need - we’re there for you.

$5000 Party Guarantee

In a rare case of accidental property damage, your party is secured for up to $5000. You can stop worrying and start enjoying yourself at all your events.

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